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Videó átirata Lisa today we'll be discussing laser vision correction, surgery options and helping you find the best option for you. There are many ranges of procedures out there available on today we'll be exploring the options as well as taking your questions, live.

So if you guys astigmatism myopia difference any questions but in the comment, section below and we'll get your questions as soon as we can and today we have with us Cleveland clinic ophthalmologist doctor Ronald krueger. Thank you so much for being here today and I wanna just give you a few minutes to introduce yourself to viewers or listeners.

Yes, I'm Ronald kruger I'm Medical director of refractive surgery at the alliance Institute of the Cleveland clinic astigmatism myopia difference I've been here this is now my twentieth year and practicing a little bit before that elsewhere and then, when I came here was a chance astigmatism myopia difference sort of you know, leave this.

This Department of refractive surgery which I've been doing that for about 20 years I've kinda seen the whole generations of different laser vision, crew procedures coming go and involved in a lot of the development of those things along the way so I kinda look forward to sharing some of astigmatism myopia difference thoughts with everybody today.

Great can't wait to get started and before we do get started though please remember this is for informational purposes, only and not intended to replace your own physician's advice so um. I kinda wanna Start with laser vision correction. What exactly is a fixing cuz.

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There's more than just one thing right more than just very, very gently, so let's talk about this. Oh so most people they're coming in um probably fit the category of being nearsighted and that's the number one thing we try it correct as myopia or near sighted niggas and that's the primary thing that early laser vision correction didn't treat it then expanded to correcting things like astigmatism farsighted and now we're actually trying to even deal with the reading glasses, issues for patients who are over the age astigmatism myopia difference 40 where we can sort of target sort A blend of compromise that allows them to still see some distance and some near and I can go over that and even more details as I go along but each of those different prescriptions can be treated.

Um depending on which technology we use and and how we discuss it with the patient astigmatism myopia difference terms of their options right so near side in this far side in this signature lace up saddlery vision and even from ethiopia, which is the need for both distance and reading glasses, okay alright excellent, There are so many different procedures. I've ever heard of La sick okay um. I believe it's intra ocular lens and then there's smile can be talk of the bed.

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The differences and which ones to know which so going back to the 95 96 uh when the first approved okay that was the first procedure came along um. It was being used around the rest of the world. Finally went through the studies, but it was the astigmatism myopia difference of just removing the outer surface layers of Morning and then a little letting the laser late or reshape the cornea into anew curvature that would fit the prescription of the patients and I, if you are okay, was popular in the beginning to some extent.

But it was more Associated with some pain and discomfort and also a little longer recovery to the vision where it needed to be just a few years after that, starting around 97 színterápia a látás visszatérése La sick hit the And lace, it gave that same outcome, but right away.

Like with one day, you can see that well and he didn't really have the pain and discomfort so that really made it even more popular and most people that hear about laser vision correction. But they don't astigmatism myopia difference as much about right because they sick was that really popular thing that really grew the market yeah right now presently, we do about 70 percent La sick and about 20 percent, so we still do because not everyone is a good candidate for lasik okay um, but Hardwood and exam will tell is, is what's really the best procedure and sometimes I have to coach patients and say you know you're really a better candidate for okay and they say yeah.

But that's the one that takes longer to heal and I'm like. That's true, but we're talking astigmatism myopia difference long term success and this would really be in your best interest to do it.

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This way so um using visual here for those watching um, if we can kinda explain what it does versus La sick and I know even we have more smile right wanna talk about smile right next oh okay so pure it okay. You can sort of see this blue line which is the astigmatism myopia difference diameter area, that everything within it is the outer skin layer Removed so we just you know, we actually just use a very soft instrument and we, kinda soften it a little bit with diluted alcohol and just peel.

It back. So the surface of the real scraping just kinda feeling back and outer surface layer and then the laser comes in re shapes the cornea into this new shape that just really fine tunes your prescription alright that's okay okay, which is the surface laser treatment, then comes lisa La sick astigmatism myopia difference a little more in vase of and that it goes deeper layers because we use this blue line out here is actually the edge of where that flap is created the flap is then Up and the inside layers are treated with the laser to reshape it to that new curvature and then the flat comes back because of lap still has that outer surface rövidlátás gyermekeknél és kezelés népi gyógyszerekkel layer on it.

It's together real, quick and gives fast astigmatism myopia difference of vision with no real discomfort and pain. So why is this morning. Is this just dig. Are uh you could just high because here you got an extra layer. You know with the other one. You just everything on the surface, just a little more base of in that there's, an extra layer they're right, but that extra layer ford's quick return of vision and Less discomfort and that's what patients really like.

You know so lay sick is sort of a darling of the astigmatism myopia difference because it's it's astigmatism myopia difference faster, but you have to really qualify for this. You gotta make sure that everything about your eye is healthy and normal. That this is the procedure that's recommend check and there might be cases when we say no we're, not recommending laser for recommending okay so there is this third procedure of laser vision correction called smile and smile is sort of I would almost kinda call it Laparoscopic lace it okay it's the astigmatism myopia difference of that issue needs to be removed, but it's doing it with a very precise layer that laser that creates a layer of tissue that can then be removed.

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So here you can see there's a tiny incision small incision, but inside it's corrected and shape the front and back surface of the layer and that layer can just be pulled out wow and that ultimately correct your vision so the nice thing about Well, astigmatism myopia difference it doesn't, have this large incision of of lap it's just a small incision and then that same correction can astigmatism myopia difference roof.

So it's it's nice to surface is outer surface skin is still present.

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I'm talking about so there's quicker return of vision than the okay, but it takes maybe a few extra days of real recovery for it to be as sharp as we find it lays it probably gives the sharpest visit and vision early on smile is really close that you know within the first date, a week.

It really sharp unzip and one that takes a little longer okay and when I think of all Mom this procedure has even more benefits to patients with dry eyes. Oh nothing less nerves on the outer surface. You know it doesn't have a full flap okay La sick. Maybe has a little quicker return of vision and you know some level for customization and and the k is probably better in those cases where you gotta really high correction and your corneas astigmatism myopia difference sort of standard the shape makes us a little more suspect and then we wanna be a little more conservative and that's.

Astigmatism myopia difference we recommend you're okay okay so it's all about finding out what kind of candidate you are and you need a very thorough exam to determine that okay so how do I Which one is best for me that they sent everything you said astigmatism myopia difference the example based on the men you have to you have to have a trusted.

You know, specialist kinda. Give you their professional opinion. Okay and they may give you options. They may say you know you could be a candidate for either of these two procedures and then it's a matter of talking through all the small nuances about what might be better for them as an individual sure now icy La sick alot and malls and a látásra káros lencsék places that you don't think of in the hospital setting um those okay means that something where you can go is that reputable should we be good how do we know where to go for lisa cc.

I mean part of that comes This question about about price too, because it people would say well, you know I see some of these advertisements that that say it's like dollars and then you know the typical price that you know we're sort melanoma szemészet saying it's about five thousand dollars for both eyes. As opposed to per ah yeah um. This big differential that astigmatism myopia difference are experiencing and you know the bottom line is the cost in providing it does require is paying royalties and their servicing laser there's the expertise of the doctor so the pricing is gonna be costly, Yeah but some places really want your business drive the price down.

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You gotta be careful. They're not cutting corners in the process. Yeah so one of the comments I always make is that no one ever really go shopping around for discount brain surgery. So why would you go looking for discount nicer it's a very good and kind of a one time.

You wanna do this, and this is gonna be your eyes for the rest of your life. You really want to get astigmatism myopia difference best quality. You can so you astigmatism myopia difference find some places that are less expensive they're really reputable and good quality. I Not everybody in the mall is is horrible check, but astigmatism myopia difference also don't want to get stuck with somebody who may not really have your best interest in mind.

Right and uh and then something as permanent as may be doing. My surgery really wanna make careful choices. The deer do your research um now.

Visian Toric ICL surgery for correction of extreme nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism.

Why would some candidates get turn down turn down for this procedure. I mean the arts are is very good majority that get turned down or do most people kinda most people have normal enough eyes that they are candidate okay so if you think glasses So sick and in there so you know blurry without glasses.

I don't think I've ever qualify you'll be surprised. Yeah you may qualified very well, but there are some conditions and disorders of the eyes that we have to screen out. That make you not a good candidate and those are the ones who really wanna know about ahead of time, so patients that have severe dry eyes that could be even related to some kind of an auto immune condition or something that astigmatism myopia difference lead to that may not really be the best candidate for certain procedures and certain other ones might actually still be okay um patients that have carried conus or maybe the earliest signs Critical illness that may have not even been diagnosed yet that's one of the things we really carefully screen out for because we're removing layers of your cornea.

We don't wanna add to whatever condition and make it worse right part of that screening process. You know patients said are using accutane you know sometimes, I can be a little bit of a contra indication cuz. It can lead to some excessive dry eyes and things afterwards and so those are just settle things.

You just wanna know ahead of time. Okay great you covered my next question so I'm gonna go to my third but if I wasn't a candidate in the past for dry eyes or anything like that was Visit go and it sounds like the technology is just booming.

Astigmatism myopia difference and this field could be a candidate now if they told me, I had dry eyes. Maybe like five years ago, yeah should go back as you just showed me smile. Could work Hanti-Manszijszk látás-helyreállító klinika dry eyes.

It's something to to re evaluate so I had one of my early patients who actually have dry eyes and had a little bit of room in the lodge condition that may be predisposed to that way and she heard about smile and she came in had smile procedure and that really was the best procedure for her right cuz. It ultimately gave her the vision correction, while at the same Nine respecting the astigmatism myopia difference that there other factors that we, wanna really make it work for yeah and then there's there's another one to write intro accurate Central girl and so in patients who have very high levels of near sighted.

This so that it goes outside the range of what we can do with the laser. We can actually put the lens implant in the eye and correct your near side in this. Like that oh and that that really works well so so what are our ranges. You know pretty much around up Minus 10 we can treat it effectively with the kid were the La creme the smile yeah the minute we start getting above minus 10 or even maybe up to minus 12 with laser sick and some cases were kinda going to high yeah and so somebody astigmatism myopia difference in and says, but I'm linus 15 is there anything for me the interlock and track your lens would actually work pretty well, that way that's a astigmatism myopia difference.

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Thank you well. I kinda wanna start talking about what happens during the procedures. I know there's, a lot of questions well, is it is there any Risk to know about um with these procedures in pretty safe, so they are pretty safe. Um lay astigmatism myopia difference happens to be the most frequently performed elective procedure in all of medicine. Wow so all of that and all of Madison you know so of all the other elective procedures out there.

La sick is done the most yeah and so that really gives it a level of credibility that it's been out there and it's very popular in the massive they're doing it okay and yet there's still is always you know there are more patients that could be done then our Being done and there's still always this underlying fear that patients have they said well it's surgery and they were sort of scared of that.

But if they happen have a friend or family member that had it done at the great result. They're, like wow, they had it done yeah. I think Astigmatism myopia difference could do it astigmatism myopia difference myopia difference, so that helps alleviate the fear, a little bit is is when it when it comes home to to somebody, you know, personally yeah and it makes it a little bit easier that way so how fast is that procedure the laser procedure so um typically uh I would say that the patient can have both eyes done within about 20 30 minutes.

Wow are they awake while thank you awake during the procedure. We astigmatism myopia difference give some value. Hmm because I want them to be a little bit relax.

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We don't wanna be tense fidgety during the procedure because they're your astigmatism myopia difference it's it's astigmatism myopia difference like going to the dentist where they might be drilling away after teeth here we're doing something and people are just a little more sensitive because it's their eyes yeah so we want them to be nice to relax so that they're comfortable and that just makes the whole procedure better for everybody, so If there is any movement is that it's not mess anything up.

I always think about someone just astigmatism myopia difference. You have to relax but you get nervous and, as little movement maybe well, I mean we would much rather have a still temptations and the patient who's moving right because then I have to kind of work around that movement, but that's where you wanna have a calm surgeon who can talk to their patient reassure them, give them the comfort they need little valiant can help make the difference.

There are képek a gyermekek látásfejlődéséhez of the procedure where astigmatism myopia difference probably even more critical, not to move than other steps okay, look When the laser, with some suction on the ice is actually treating the layer, we don't want you to move so that the suction is lost.

Uh that's a problem perifériás látás zavar you have to go back and say what we're re apply.

The suction that okay and then, what to expect after the procedure so usually in the first few hours after sale a sick which is the one where you have quickest return of vision and maybe most comfort um the first few hours your eyes are kind of a little light, sensitive and stinging, and so we encourage people to just close your eyes on the way home and take a nap when they get home okay usually they get up from the nap. It's three to four hours later, and they will look around the room and they're like wow I can see already and their eyes already feeling more comfortable at wow that fast yeah that's amazing.

So just in a few hours already pretty functional. Okay so you want drive home, but maybe in a few hours after you know, someone else is gonna drive you home yeah. You can certainly talk with the driver yeah, but you close your eyes just kind of rest them it's it's a nice environment. You feel, like you wanna close them share it's actually good for you to close. Do you need artificial tears after the procedure. You do need artificial tears. We give you a topical Produces inflammation okay and we also give an antibiotic as we just wanna make sure we're preventing any kind of infection in my otherwise happen and topped artificial tears artificial tears are just temporary though right or is that kind of what we astigmatism myopia difference.

We encourage you to use those um.

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You know, like the steroids and the antibiotics are typically for about a week right, but we usually encourage you to keep using artificial tears, even for the first month or so because there are tendencies were your eyes might be a little bit dry and just supplementing that with with an artificial tears help more right now.

I have I've had That had lasik and my mother, um but they've gone back after a few years is this always a thing that look you need to come back for a touch up well for the most part, I mean it may be the best way to sort of say it is uh your eyes are living tissue. You know it's not a piece of astigmatism myopia difference was a piece of plastic. We could reshape it and would stay the same way and never change, but because it's living tissue, it could be subject to just some changes that typically happen with time and age and you know the same thing that occasionally you'll get a pair of glasses and szemész hivatal few years your vision may change a little bit.

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You have to Another pair yeah because again because it's living tissue that can change but the vast majority of people have this done and maybe 10 years later they have the same good quality vision. But everyone is a little different check.